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ICO is an abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. If we think the word Coin as a digital currency, than we can say that the ICO is the start money for the business.. . Let's say you have a new business idea. This business idea is based on the Blockchain and with crypto currency. You have the idea to create a new business with growth plan and all. Although ,each stage is ready, but you donnot have sufficient capital to start. This is the goal of the ICO : To find one or more investor partners, to collect the funds needed for a new project that you want to start

The first step

Algoritma seçimi yapmalısınız, ICO için piyasada% 90 ethereum tabanlı token alt yapıları kullanılmaktadır. Bunun yanı sıra mineable coin'de seçebilirsiniz. Algoritma belirlenir ve yazılım süreci başlar. The choice of algorithm should be made for the ICO, which uses 90% ethereum- based token-substructures on the market. In addition, you can choose mineable coin . And then the algorithm is determined,the software process starts.

Second step

Your site is prepared in accordance with the chosen algorithm . Web wallets are prepared in accordance with the preferences of Windows Wallets on the other platforms . Then the blockchain technology can be installed. And than It can be integrated with the wallet and broadcasted.

Third Step

In the substructures of the ICO-token, control panels and sales pages can be created. But for Mineable coins, pools must be created and then broadcasted.

Step Four

IYour ICO token or Mineable coin is completed. The next step is to make the connect with the Coinmarketcap. Integration of tokens or coins is provided by the desired exchanges.

I want to make ICO & Blockchain Technology

Ensure that your ICO or tokens are placed on any platform.

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