Penetration testing

Testing the penetration of your systems or workstations helps to identify potential threats, security flaws, and security gaps in your systems or processes. These tests close those openings and take the necessary steps to prevent it happening again and in this way you can define your security policies. Pen. test (penetration tests) and Vulnerability assessment are similar but they are different concepts. Vulnerability assessment is the process of detecting and notifying security vulnerabilities in the target system using different software. The purpose of PenTest is not only to identify security vulnerabilities, but also to determine additional operations (access to the system, access to database information) that can be performed on target systems that exploit these vulnerabilities .

Security for Web applications

The services which you provided through the website and the web applications, are the window to the outside world.

Security for Web applications includes:

  • Data Management,
  • Session Management,
  • Authentication and Authorization,
  • Spoofing and Configuration Management,
  • Denial of Service,
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS),
  • Injection attacks ("SQL Injection, RFI, XPath, LDAP OS Command, etc.")
  • Not applicable Filtering rules,
  • HTTP Response Splitting ,
  • Infinite Redirect and Malicious Links ,
  • Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards ,
  • Session Fixation ,
  • Cookie Manipulation ,
  • Cross - site Request Forgery
  • Path Traversal ,
  • Session Hijacking

Social Engineering

The social engineering attacks are focused on the weakest link of the security system; your employees. In the course of our social engineering tests, we teach the awereness of the attacks and enlighten them about the risks.

Service testing and protection DoS / DDoS

DoS / DDoS attacks are one of the most common types of attacks which make systems become unusable and commonly used by attackers. We provide software and hardware services that will allow you to evaluate the longevity of your systems from DoS / DDoS attacks and to let you taking the necessary actions.

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